Bombay Potatoes and Bug Biscuits!

3DC made pear and strawberry crumbles.

3WB cooked Bombay potatoes with FFS ingredients.

They invited their classmates to the cafe to try their dish.

Which was given the ‘thumbs up’!

RLS joined me this week to bake for their celebration event.

We baked some caterpillar cookies.

And some shortbread to make into ladybirds.

It was very exciting.

And we can’t wait until next Friday!

The Cafe This Week.

Coffee and croissants in the cafe, after drop off, was busier than usual this week. It was great to see some new faces! If you haven’t been yet why not give us a try?

Tuesdays and Miss Wright again wowed us with her skills in the kitchen when she demonstrated some fabulous veggie burgers.


Bug Biscuits.

I had a lovely time baking bug biscuits with RBV this week. We discussed the importance of wearing aprons and washing our hands properly, before getting on with the fun stuff! These bugs are now in the freezer waiting for receptions celebration event on Friday 23rd June.