More Pakoras.

The last batch of Pakoras were made by 5SK and after being tested, were given to 5LM to sample. Did you enjoy them 5LM?


The First Week In May!

Our first ‘pass it on’ cafe in May saw Mr Spink tucking into a delicious Iranian rice dish.


Then 5SK continued their search for the perfect pakora. We decided on a bit of extra chilli and think we’ve perfected our recipe. Did you have the chance to buy a bag of them in the playground?


4DM have been preparing a selection of jam and lemon tarts for their celebration event on Friday 12th. Some people found pastry making challenging, however the finished tarts look delicious!

Plum Jam Tarts.

The last group in 4CC to make their treat for their celebration event joined me in the cafe to make plum jam tarts. Just like last weeks groups, they each made their own pastry and filled the tarts with plum jam made with last years fruit from our own tree at ACE. The delicious tarts were enjoyed by both children and parents!

Vegetable Pakoras With 5SK.

As part of this terms topic, 5SK have been making and tasting, vegetable pakoras. The first group made a baked healthy option and the second group followed a more traditional recipe. Both results were enjoyed by the majority of the class, however we decided the traditional fried ones were definitely best. We plan to keep experimenting as other groups from the class have their cookery sessions.

ACE Cafe Events!

Monday morning drop in, for coffee and croissants,  began another busy week in the ACE cafe! The cafe is open from 8.30am until 9.30am, for a coffee or tea and a Danish pastry. Everyone is welcome.

Tuesday saw another ‘pass it on cafe’ where we enjoyed a demonstration of stir fried vegetable rice noodles. Delicious!